Discovery Music Academy“I’ve watched with respect and gratitude as Mary has taught my daughter over the last 4 years. Mary’s teaching is grounded in a command of the basics of music, but also in solid knowledge of how kids learn best. She’s unfailingly positive and always ready to tackle any challenges the kids face. At the same time, she communicates well with me, and I feel as though she has been a great resource for me and my daughter both. She deserves all the credit for teaching my daughter how to learn music, and how to play with and for others with confidence and poise.”
Leigh Mcdiarmid, parent

“I love everything about my piano lessons. I like how we take time to work on things, and then tweak it further. I also have a very patient teacher who is nice.”
Mehar, student, age 10

“The most rewarding part of piano is when everything I have been working on suddenly clicks, and it all fits together. I also like being able to share what I’ve been working on at the group lesson.”
Collin, student, age 10

“It’s relaxing for me to practice the piano. I also like the pieces I play, and I enjoy learning music theory as well.”
Amrit, student, age 16

“Mary Walby is a knowledgeable, patient, flexible, encouraging piano teacher with a delightful sense of humor. At my age, she has opened up a whole new world for me!”
Nancy, student, age 64

“I am so excited about learning to play the piano again! Mary Walby has been instrumental in my renewed passion for the piano. She brings expertise, enthusiasm and a joy of music to each and every lesson. My two children enjoy lessons with Mary too. Thank you, Mary, for the gift of music through the piano.”
Amy, student and parent, age 41

“I’m so impressed with how Mary brings out each of my daughters’ special gifts and personalities in their lessons.”
Lisa, parent