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Parents and Listening

As a parent you want the best for your child. You want them to learn and grow and become capable musicians, as well as adults. While it’s the child taking lessons that actually sits down at the piano to play, the parents and the home environment play a significant role in the success of the child.

What can you do to help support the success of your child in music lessons?

Listen to classical music in the car or at home.

Just have it going in the background. You can also attend classical music concerts. What better way to be inspired than to see an accomplished musician live.

When I was in my twenties I used to coach ice hockey. The biggest problem we coaches ran into coaching American players was that they did not have much exposure to watching high level hockey games. The skills and concepts we were teaching them they had never seen before or had limited exposure to. Meanwhile, in Canada, where every Saturday night nearly every Canadian watches Hockey Night in Canada, Canadian children are exposed to a high level game and see the skills and maneuvers they will one day attempt when they learn to play hockey. It is no wonder that Canada is known for its hockey players.

The same applies to children and music lessons. As a parent you can enhance your child’s learning simply by having classical music playing in the background. You don’t even need to tell your child what you’re doing. It’s just part of the home environment. Try it; you just might like it.

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