My child wants to play the guitar. I want him to play the piano. What do I do?

The first time I heard this question I asked the parents, “Where did he get the idea of guitar?”

They sheepishly responded, “From video games.”

I shared the good news with them. His brain was working just fine. All they needed to do was broaden his exposure to more music.

All of the performing arts, music, theatre and dance seen live for the first time are a new experience for your child. It is through exposure of what’s possible that your child will find something that intrigues him or her. All of our brains are different, and as a result, different musical instruments and forms of art speak differently to each of us.

Expose your child to all kinds of live music and performing arts. Then let their brain respond. They may end up being drawn to the piano, or it may be something else. Either way, you can’t go wrong. They are discovering themselves and how they relate to the world.

A successful child in life learns to not only recognize the seed of inspiration within them, but also learns how to find the courage to let it grow. You as their parent have the privilege of helping them nurture that seed.


  1. I had wanted to play the piano. My parents decided that I should play the accordion.

    Many years later, I would tell parents to do with the instrument their child wants.

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