Cultivating Effortlessness

Have you ever dreamed that you could be one of those people who play the piano beautifully and effortlessly? Right now you can begin cultivating that skill with one simple idea.

Slow down.

Explore the pace where you can play with ease and comfort, without a care in the world. This is oftentimes much slower than you would want to publicly show your friends how good you are at piano. But this is where the real learning is.

When you go so slow you can’t make a mistake, you will play with ease and comfort. Now you can relax and savor each movement. It’s so slow you become aware of every little thing you are doing. It is at this pace you can easily change something that isn’t working for you. As you become comfortable, the pace will naturally pick itself up.

In our world of instant gratification, going slow may seem like it’s only for someone who’s not very good at piano. Not true. There is a story about the famous 20th century concert pianist, Arthur Rubinstein. Following a concert he just gave, you could find him in a music store practice room playing his entire program slowly. It is how he maintained his pieces so he could perform them again and again.

Going slow is the mark of a true musician. Welcome to the world of learning how to make music effortlessly.

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