Welcome to Discovery Music Academy!

Welcome to Discovery Music Academy!

Are we the right music school for you?

Discovery Music Academy is a growing music academy that offers customized piano lessons to children and adults, ages 7 and up in Bellingham, WA. Many students have come through our doors to be empowered and to discover their own musical potential at the piano.

As you research the right music school for yourself or your child, consider the benefits of becoming a Discovery Music Academy student, and why we are the number one choice for over 100 piano students in Whatcom county since 2011.

Discovery Music Academy

Top 20 Reasons to become a Discovery Music Academy Student

Discovery Music Academy1. We help you reach your music dreams.
Do you want your child to have a love of music? Do you want to learn to play duets with your child? Whatever your dream, we tailor lessons to help you reach the goals you have for yourself or your child.

2. We specialize in piano.
Our instructors are university trained, professional, classical pianists with a love of teaching the art of piano to the next generation. They are kind, patient, and fun, and genuinely interested in helping you reach your goals. Who cares if the teacher can do it. The question is, can the teacher teach you how to do it? Our goal is to have you or your child be able to do it.

3. We specialize in beginners through intermediate.
The foundation necessary to become a proficient pianist is the same whether you want to become a concert pianist, or you want to play for your own enjoyment. Therefore, quality instruction from the very beginning is imperative. We help you build the technical foundation and skills needed to be successful at whatever level you want to achieve.

Discovery Music Academy4. We have a proven track record of excellence.
We’ve been offering quality instruction in Whatcom County since 2007, and over 100 students have come through our doors. Some have been with us for several years with the same teacher. While other teachers in the community have come and gone, retired, or moved away, we are here to stay and plan to be a part of this community for years to come. See what our clients are saying.

5. Our teachers are professionally affiliated.
We have professional affiliation with the Music Teachers National Association, the Washington State Music Teachers Association, and the National Guild of Piano Teachers to ensure consistent, quality teaching.

6. Talent is NOT required.

Some teachers will only teach talented students.  Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter.  We take you exactly where you are and elevate you to the next level. Talent or no talent.  That’s why our only requirements are a willing student, a supportive parent, and a great teacher. With those three pillars in place, all the skills are teachable. The sky really is the limit on what you can achieve.

7. We offer monthly group lessons in addition to the weekly private lessons as part of the tuition.
Much of learning to play the piano, you spend by yourself practicing. Group lessons change that. Students build camaraderie with other students, see that they are not alone and that they share similar challenges. They even get to practice performing and have friendly competition in music games.

8. Two free recitals every year on a beautiful grand piano.
Playing on a highly responsive, quality grand piano in a recital venue is a real treat for students. Recitals are also a great way for you to see the progress of your child and to share that experience with grandparents, family and friends. We’ve even had family reunions begin with our recitals.

Discovery Music Academy9. You get to play with your friends.
Every fall is our duet/ensemble recital. Students prepare duets at the piano and ensembles with other instrumentalists. It’s a great way to encourage students to make music with their friends and share it with the community.

10. You get to participate in the WA State Music Teachers Association adjudications at no extra cost.

Not all piano teachers belong to the Washington State Music Teachers Association and offer adjudications to their students.  It is a wonderful learning opportunity for you or your child to perform two pieces from memory and play for a guest teacher and receive a mini lesson. The guest teachers are college-level teachers from all around the northwest who are committed to passing on their knowledge to the next generation of musicians.

11. You get to participate in the National Guild of Piano Teachers Auditions at no extra cost.

Very few teachers in Whatcom county are Guild teachers. We believe in the program so much that we encourage all of our students to participate.  Students prepare a program of music unique to them and their skill-set and play for a visiting judge. They receive a beautiful certificate, their name in calligraphy, and an evaluation of their skills. Students are always surprised to learn just how many things they do well, and the judge noticed! What a sense of inspiration and motivation kids come away with!

12. We have a light, spacious studio.
With plenty of room to move around, some music skills are taught away from the piano whether for a mental break or to engage the whole body in moving. It does wonders for teaching the whole person.

13. We have a sensitive, acoustic piano that will give you success from the first time you touch it.
Lessons are on a real, acoustic piano. It is sensitive to your touch, and this is what draws students to the piano and keeps them coming back for more.

Discovery Music Academy14. We will help you find a piano if you don’t already have one.
We won’t lie to you. It’s essential that students have a real, acoustic piano to practice on, whether it’s at home or at school or at a church. If you want your child to quit, get them an electronic keyboard. If you want to invest in their future, get a quality piano. We will help you select an appropriate piano for your home or give you resources where your child can practice on a real piano.

For more information on why you need a real, acoustic piano, click here.  For tips on buying a piano, click here.

15. Students’ accomplishments are celebrated at the Spring Awards Recital.
Certificates from the activities throughout the year are awarded, as are the practice ribbons students earned during the year for meeting their practice goals. Even the parents are honored for their role in their child’s success with a drawing for a bouquet of flowers.

16. Our teachers walk the talk.
Our teachers perform at the end of all our student recitals. It’s a great way to inspire students as to what is possible at the piano, and it also serves as a reminder to our teachers what it takes to successfully prepare to perform before an audience. It keeps us on our toes and gives us compassion and understanding for our students.

17. Picture Day
We are one of the only music schools who has an annual picture day.
Every year at our fall duet/ensemble recital, we offer a picture day with a professional photographer. Parents love having a picture of their child at the piano.

18. Flexible schedule
We teach private lessons Monday through Thursday, in the afternoon and evening, to fit your busy schedule. Group lessons are the first Saturday of the month unless there’s a holiday.

19. Convenient location and Free parking
Our location has free and easy access to parking off the street. It is also close to shopping at Bellis Fair Mall and Costco. Run a few errands while your child has a lesson.

20. No semester requirements or long-term commitments.
While many of our students are with us for several years, we are not interested in making anyone do anything. If you decide that you would like to discontinue lessons, simply let us know one month in advance, and make your remaining lessons a positive experience with your teacher.

It’s easy to take the next step.

Lessons are first come, first serve, so call us today 360-527-9626 to schedule your introductory 40-minute lesson, or fill out the form below, and we will call you.

The introductory lesson is only $50, and if you sign up for lessons, then it’s deducted from the first tuition payment.