Discovery Music Academy
Discovery Music Academy
Discovery Music Academy
Discovery Music Academy“I love everything about my piano lessons. I like how we take time to work on things and then tweak it further. I also have a very patient teacher who is nice.”
Mehar, student, age 10

“The most rewarding part of piano is when everything I have been working on suddenly clicks, and it all fits together. I also like being able to share what I’’ve been working on at the group lesson.”
Collin, student, age 10

“It’’s relaxing for me to practice the piano. I also like the pieces I play, and I enjoy learning music theory as well.”
Amrit, student, age 16

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Discover your musical potential
Your musical potential is waiting to be discovered. At Discovery Music Academy we use positive reinforcement in a safe learning environment to help you explore it. Our teaching style promotes:

  • Self-discovery and personal growth
  • Self-expression and analytical thinking
  • Body Awareness and alignment
  • Creativity and greater confidence

Discovery Music Academy

  • Weekly private lesson
  • Monthly group lesson
  • Solo and ensemble playing
  • 2 recitals
  • WA State Music Teachers Association Adjudications*
  • National Guild of Piano Teachers Auditions*

*These are opportunities for students to perform for a guest teacher and receive feedback.

6-week Summer Session     July 11 – August 18, 2016
$399 for the summer
Register by July 1st and receive $100 off
6 weekly 40-minute private lessons
2 monthly group lessons
1 house concert the last week
Call (360) 527-9626
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